We are solving a US 82 Billion Dollar Problem in Global Container Shipping


SWiM GDS (Global Distribution System) is a unique B2B digital business information service developed to exclusively manage the Planning, Booking, Secure Information Exchange and Transactional Relationship between Shipping Lines and Freight Forwarders and between Shipping Lines and Ports and associated Maritime Services.

SWiM GDS introduces a paradigm shift which among other things moves the container shipping market from a post-paid model to a deposit taking pre-paid model, delivering enormous benefit for all parties.


SWiM Pay

SWiM GDS will utilise SWiM Pay exclusively, to accept up front payments from buyers and pass payments to sellers.

World-class online payments which allow your customers to pay in their currency and payment method of choice - anywhere, anytime. Receive multiple currencies without high recipient or conversion fees. Convert or move money or withdraw to external accounts with ease.

Get paid and accept payments for less cost.

SWiM Rewards

The combined service offering of SWiM PAY and SWiM REWARDS significantly enhances the business of Online Marketplaces and Online Sales Platforms and provides them a predictable Zero Cost new revenue stream.

Gain Membership to our transformational US Dollar backed Cash Rewards Scheme, which gives you the freedom to use your Rewards Points as you choose.


SWiM Exchange

SWiM EXCHANGE is a game changing points exchange that provides a Global Trading Platform for both issuers and holders of loyalty, affinity, status, credit and rewards points.

SWiM Exchange platform includes hundreds of global brands, enabling members to exchange their points for cash or redeem them with other loyalty operators in the SWiM Exchange marketplace.



SWiM brings the use of digital technologies to change the business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities



SWiM applies Automation to technology applications where human input is minimized. This includes business process and IT automation.



SWiM moves the container shipping industry from ancient paper based documents towards modern digital document exchange.

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