Cash Back or Convert

SWiM REWARDS is a transformational US Dollar backed Cash Rewards Scheme and Global Points Exchange Programme.

SWiM REWARDS provides you FREEDOM to use Cash Rewards Points earned as you see fit. Points holders may also elect to bank or cash-in their SWiM REWARDS Points and convert them into any currency they choose.


Select Your Reward

SWiM REWARDS Points can be used for Cash Back or to redeem for services and commodities available through the SWiM REWARDS MARKETPLACE. With future expansion SWiM REWARDS points will ultimately be able to be used to pay for anything, anywhere, anytime globally.

New Revenue Stream

The combined service offering of SWiM PAY and SWiM REWARDS significantly enhances the business of Online Marketplace and Online Sales Platforms. SWiM REWARDS in conjunction with SWiM PAY collaborates with Marketplace Operators to provide them a zero-cost , predictable new Revenue Stream.


Super Benefits for Members

Membership in SWiM REWARDS is available for both the Business and Consumer in three Status Levels (Silver, Gold & Platinum Membership). Each Status Level Membership provides its own unique benefits, special offers, promotions, discounts, standard plus bonus SWiM REWARDS points earnings, all attained through our exclusive Members Concierge Service.

Connect to SWiM REWARDS

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