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SWiM GDS is the world's only B2B digital business information system developed to accommodate the B2B Planning, Booking and Transactional Relationship exclusively between Shipping Lines and Freight Forwarders and between Shipping Lines and Ports, Stevedores and associated Maritime Services Providers.


EDI Connection - 24/7/365

Delivering global interconnectivity 24 hours per day, every day, the SWiM GDS platform never closes and provides an independent, trusted and transparent business information system with unparalleled security and secure document exchange, designed to deliver efficiencies and operating cost reductions to Freight Forwarders, Container Shipping Lines and associated Maritime Services Providers.

Multi-Lingual & Multi-Currency

Accessible by users in more than 20 languages and operating in the user's choice of single or multi-currencies, SWiM GDS is the world's first truly independent online B2B business informatoion system specifically designed for the US 1.3 Trillion Dollar global container shipping and maritime services industry, which facilitates ongoing collaborative development to enhance uniform industry wide digitalisation.


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